Christmas Gift Surf Lesson Two-Pack
Oceanside Surf School

Christmas Gift Surf Lesson Two-Pack

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A gift for a loved one to embrace a whole new sport. We recommend giving your special person this two lessons so that we can guide them beyond just getting their feet wet with surfing! 

This first lesson is a great way to get your footing, this 2 hour surf experience will consist of knowledge that will last years!

The first 15-25 minutes will be on land focusing on your posture and awareness of the fundamentals of the paddles out and the pop up. So much goes in to these techniques and a one on one instructor is the best way to set your course on the right wind!

the following 45 minutes will be with an instructor assisting you onto waves within your ability level, sometimes body surfing the back of the board to ensure you get your feet right. Surfing is more than standing up, it’s relating to the water and allowing it to help us conquer this new experience!

the following 30-60 minutes you will be welcomed to borrow the board and continue surfing at your own leisure with the skills the instructor and you worked on. Independance is super important in instilling your own technique and awareness!

You will be given the information needed to successfully navigate your new sport.

Surfing with first timers is a great experience for us to create good habits from the get go so that our foundation in the Ocean in strengthened! But if you have surfed before and feel you would like more of an intermediate lesson contact us to secure an advanced lesson catered to catching a multiple of wave types and conditions