Morning Women's Week Clinic July 29th
Morning Women's Week Clinic July 29th
Oceanside Surf School

Morning Women's Week Clinic July 29th

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Women's Surf Clinic led by Alessandra aka WAXY! 

Born and raised in San Francisco, her surfing journey began in Pacifica 11 years ago before life took her to Santa Cruz for five years. There she honed in on her passion for the ocean and carried it onward - back to San Francisco for a few years, and finally here in Oceanside. We are blessed to have her headline this exclusive experience that appeals to only women taught and coached by women. Alessandra and her assistant Alia have created a five day format of surfing, yoga, and community building for all levels and ages.

Each of the five sessions will include a 30 minute yoga flow with a focus on balance and warming up the body before we paddle out. Depending on the overall skill level of the group, we will take some extra time on the first day to work through a pop-up clinic, and we encourage you to watch some videos about pop-up technique. After surf we will have snacks and coffee ready for you while we debrief and talk about our goals for the next session. On our final day, we will have a photographer taking photos and videos, as well as a Sunset Social. If you have your own board and wetsuit, you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to bring them!

Our goals through this clinic are to provide a healthy understanding of the ocean, comfortability in the water, connecting with other water women and building community.

Available dates: Monday through Friday 7-9 A.M 

July 29th-August 2nd

Located off of Tyson Street in Oceanside, California.

All girls surf group with a maximum of 6 ladies per crew.

Discounts available when you refer a friend!

Please call or text "Waxy" for more info:


or Matthew our Owner