Back Open for Surf Season 2021


After traveling the coast of Baja Mexico, I have returned with a new perspective and a new found freedom in my commitment to this wonderful sport. I love surfing, plain and simple. I love it for me, for the progression and accomplishments, for the insights and the humility. Time and time again the Ocean meets me on its playing field and thrusts me into a reality that is ever challenging and powerful.

   This is a powerful experience and the Job I have as navigator is one that tests me daily. I've spoken with people about their understandings of this world we live in, we work together to bring out the best experience possible. Sometimes the waves do all the work and I get to sit by and watch and individual go through a full awakening within the first 20 minutes of surfing, with that being said, expectations are 0, and we can expect only that the lessons we learn are ordain, meaning uncontrollable beauty right in front of our feet! I'm stoked to see what Surfing brings next to my life. I'm stoked to be stoked!

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