Our Friends

Here at the surf school we like to hang with some pretty cool people in and out of the water. Each of us has our own personal strengths and areas we are still learning to grow. We'd like to encourage you to check out these other growing businesses during your stay in Oceanside!
An awesomely affordable beach front property. These rooms have been updated with a genuine breeze of the Ocean right at your front door. You stay on the strand right next to the water! It feels like paradise every time we visit.
(760) 721-8000
We love our friend Teressa at Pier View Yoga!
Every Weekday 9am
Tyson Street Park (Southside Pier, Tower 5)
See the Coastal Ocean with a exclusive experience only available in a place like Oceanside. When we went we saw a team of dozen of dolphins dancing in the morning mist from Josh's one of a kind experience
The Grid is a great experience to enjoy during your trip to Oceanside. It brings parents and kids together by combining physical reality with virtual reality. This space provides a great connection for families to participate with their children!

480 North El Camino Real 
Oceanside, CA


(760) 500-7737