Our Mission

The call of the Ocean came at a young age for many of us. But sometimes life gets choppy and the sea is like a friend that moved away from our daily life. I too have spent time away from the Ocean and this time away is what gives me deep gratitude for my return. At the Oceanside Surf School we have found a home, a place to share our journeys, a place to share Mother Ocean. She is so big, that the words we try to use could never explain the power and strength she reveals to us. With that we welcome you to the Surf School, it is a joy to teach you. We are here to focus on your relationship with the Ocean and how we can best improve upon skills that are obtainable to your style. We all have our own style but the Surfing style, rooted in islands of the pacific, native to the indigenous only, is lost art form that you will discover. A deep message only spoke in tones of the heart. The wonder of our childhood awakens once again. It is a wonderful feeling, it is a call, it is the Ocean.

Your here, to enjoy the Journey,

guarantee it!