Stand Tall with Your Purpose, Seabird Resort OPENS near Oceanside Surf School

This past couple months have been huge for inner purpose. I see it coming out of every aspect of Oceanside. As the new Seabird Resort along with Mission Pacific Hotel we have seen a lot of new faces around looking what to do in the town of Oceanside. There is so much in the city to enjoy. The artists spread their joys to every corner with murals on many of our favorite business and Artist Alley. We have coffee shops and diner, thrift stores and recreational outfitters. But when people find that surfing can be apart of their journey here in Oceanside a brand new tradition is allowed to take form. 

I'm learning to grow as a individual, not only in my respect for myself, but also in my All mindset. We are All on this world together so why not enjoy spreading the joy of surfing to every person that comes through the school. These are the attitudes I have found help us step into our relationship with the Ocean. My employees at the school have been a blast to work with. We're training at a whole new level and this is allowing us to create an even more exciting approach to Surfing in Oceanside. 

We have seen the other surf schools. We acknowledge their approaches to a definitely difficult sport to teach. Thats why were taking ahold of a new standard of teaching Surfing Safely for our Seabird Resort and Mission Pacific Hotel clients and our returning Air BNBers, monthly getaway folk, and weekend warriors! Your all welcome down here. May the BBQ's continue!



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  • Nicole Kastens on

    Staying at Seabird this Friday – Monday
    9th – 12th and would like to book lessons for my 17 yo and 14 yo, on Sunday 11th if possible

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