What Makes US Different!

I tend to talk very metaphorically while teaching surfing.

The lessons of each wave can speak truths to every situation we flow through on shore.

All in all when we see the patterns we can recognize the awesome power the Ocean has in its Oneness. We are also all one in many senses but today I was asked what makes Oceanside Surf School different from any other school in North County yet to rise. That had me thinking about what makes us different individually!

Recognizing the differences in our students so that we can properly cater to their experience is one thing different that the Oceanside Surf School values! We won't set you up for failure and that seems to be the case sometimes in this sport. We want you to discover the spirit of the water with the accountability of an instructor that will help ensure your journey.

Every person surfs with their own instructor at our school, so a family of 2 children and 2 adults will be handled by 4 instructors well equiped with knowledge and understanding of the Ocean from years of experience in her grips. I began to teach our lessons this way because I saw a difference in one-on-one instruction opposed to having one instructor try to keep 4 vary different humans safe in the water. Our differences are more commonly referred to qualities. Each individual has the chance to understand how to their unique qualities can soon be embraced through a radical surfing experience. We'll see you soon. Call me. 760-960-3805 


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