5 ways I broke down (identified) old habits

5 ways I broke down (identified) old habits

Life builds up, the stress can sometimes feel unmanageable. It’s like a bubble bout to burst, a giant backpack of bricks with the straps ready to snap. Have I realized my brain has gone into a fight or flight simulation and im no longer taking care of myself. 


Sink or swim, 

it’s a choice I tend to face far to often. But why? Why am I here once again, questioning everything!? 


Deep breath bro, chill out, the world is beautiful, don’t forget to breath. Do some yoga, do something productive. Drink more water, you got this. 


Ok now get back to the point. 


We all got em, wether it’s a healthy part of our routine or it’s smoke in our lungs. This life is full of habitual choices made in favor of our highest self or in congruence with the lower vibrations I sometimes struggle to avoid. 


For me identifying what brings me joy and understanding if that is also healthy can sometimes be a difficult line to draw. Relationships, eating habits, and exercise seem to always come to mind when considering the balance it takes to navigate my day. 

Routine can provide me with a lot of grounding. But this year I’ve noticed some definite hinderances inside that process. I became aware that I was choosing to add these unnecessary difficulties to my path. I was making a choice, wether conscious of it or not! 


I wrote down ways I put together the effort to break the things that no longer serve me. To kick em’ to the curb as I continue on walking. Here’s 5 that stuck:


Identify the habit:


I put the habit in my view. First off I label it. I say hey I do that a lot, I’m gonna call it dalutogo. Every time I dalutogo I’m gonna make mental note of it. I’m gonna start thinking if dalutogo serves me well and if not I’m moving onto squashing it.  Is there something you consider habitual that may be unhealthy? 


Show the habit love:


After identifying the habit I show it some love. I think of my relationship with that habit and how it played a part in my life. I made it this far, this habit came along for the ride. I’m not any less of a human after identifying this habit if anything knowing this habit exists means I’m crushing it that much more! Can you decide if this habit needs to be remove? 


The blame game: Stopped making excuses. 


Even though I identify the habit I can still make an argument to keep it around. I have to remove the excuses. I have to see I am the one responsible for the existence of this habit. So blaming others, the media, or anything external is just going to prevent me getting a hold on the habit! Can you gain control of your own behaviors? 


Trust in myself with all my heart! 


Now that I’m on the role to do some surgery on this habitual behavior, I’m about to dig into it. I’m about to conclude that I’m stronger than this habit, living in recognition of it only gives me more strength! Is it time for the habits immediate removal to further my growth process? 


Progress not perfection:


An age old phrase that speaks rivers of understanding. We slip, we sometimes don’t realize we’re doing the habit until it’s already too late. This rings true especially if your habit is a complex mental process. So I try not to be too hard on myself, once again telling myself I am human! I measure the amount I am succeeding, instead of comparing it to what I still have to work on! How can you reward yourself for making these pivotal decisions in crushing old habits?


So in conclusion I’m human, I have a human heart, human mind, human body, human consciousness. If I’m conscious of my actions, then I should be able to navigate myself away from the things that do not serve me. I have made massive steps but there’s a race going on, so I’m going to hydrate, I’m going to eat right, I’m going to try and finish the race. Don't quit Matthew.



Mammoth Mountain Nov'2019

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