How do you start a surf school?

surf school

It's been a while since I wrote a blog, but here it goes, gonna keep it real, gonna keep it fresh.
Teaching surfing this summer is a riot! A total blast. Have made so many friends across the globe and that’s been the best part. See I got into teaching for the relationships, the bond that is formed between pupil and teacher is awesome if both are in it for good reasons. If someone has the true desire to learn, I get so into that. I find myself still over-talking, saying more than I need to in attempts to validate my knowledge on the topic. But really it’s the students who deserve all the credit. The fact that I've had so many people really start getting the hang of surfing is a total blessing, I owe it to the beautiful ocean and the power that it holds.
Grateful to say the least, but guys I've been grinding. Now, with a couple real good instructors on my side, a little pressure can be taken off but I'm still running the show 7 days a week. Looking after the specifics of every lesson and ensuring that everyone is retaining skills that will push them forward to be the best surfer they can. This has meant lots of evenings doing business work, there’s a lot to keep track of, and normally it’s 8 hours at the beach delivering the product. I get in a flow, then something will come up and I'll need to adjust, but somehow things just keep flowing. I have the universe to thank for that!
So how do you start a surf school? You just listen, you watch the waves and you learn when to paddle. You back off when things don't seem right. You create your own momentum so that you can drive others to succeed. You remember you are not the one in control, because the ocean and life have a lot more power than you. You ask for help. You receive it. You sometimes question yourself, and you set new standards. You develop yourself as an instructor and a friend. Most importantly, my good friend Anthony reminded me today...YOU HAVE FUN! Stay safe people, Love, Matthew

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