Building a Surf School

I don't know where to begin, to start to fill in a friend who I might not have had the pleasure speaking to. I'm sure we both have been spending a whole lot of time growing. I had dreams as a kid, I thought you were suppose to. I thought you had to map out your life and control the space around you in order to make dreams a reality. That pursuit was short lived. I found myself tripping over untied shoe laces a lot. When I finally stopped forcing myself to create dreams I started living in reality. Reality humbled me, it broke me down into the rubble I needed to start growing. I'm still in search of a lot of things, but one thing I can promise myself is to continue to grow. It was never my dream to start a surf school. I just know right now thats what I'm led to do. If you like this page you help it grow. I'll water this idea for awhile and see what comes of the effort. I'll try to help it grow. But the Universe (which I tend to refer to as God or Gia) controls the weather, and though we have a major effect on it, we cannot control it. Feeling a bit of wind in my sails though lately and I hope anyone whose hearing me out gets involved. I miss my home. Much love from an old friend.

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