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I have fun teaching surfing to people of all skill levels from around the globe. One of the benefits is the lessons I learn. This week, I learned something from a new student, Zach. He had a positive outlook and loved to talk while he pursued his goals in the water. He shared this story with me:
Life can be like a person standing on the top deck of a ship out to sea. It can be a beautiful day, peaceful and pleasant. However not everyday goes smoothly; sometimes the sea and our life can get rough. On the worst days, the waves can rock the ship so bad that a person falls overboard. Luckily enough, the anchor chain just happened to be in reach and a person is saved by grabbing hold of the anchor chain and hanging on with all their strength. Sometimes life can go from bad to worse and in our story, the chain snaps and person now plummets into the ocean and sinks to the bottom of the sea. Now sitting on the floor of the ocean hanging onto the anchor the most important thing is air. To get back to the surface and breath requires one thing – letting go of the anchor chain. A few moments ago, the anchor chain saved our person from peril, but that chain is now holding them back. It's time to let go. What once helped now has turned to hurt. I see you you. 
I encourage my students to set an intention for their ocean experience. By the end of my time with Zach, I had a new intention to take to shore with me. My intention is to pay attention to what has helped me in the past and make sure it still works for my new goals.  What’s holding you back? Drop the chains and resurface. Drop the excuses that protected you and left you stuck in the sand. Rise to the top! I along with my team of awesome instructors are ready to ride the wave tops with you during your surf experience. Now is a great time to book a lesson, I am ready to teach and very ready to learn from students who share with me.  

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