Open for winter lessons! December through March

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Each of you made an impact in my friends and I lives the past through years and even though my grammar skills were never great I hope your all doing GREAT!

We're teaching students to surf during the greatest time of year, well that's up to opinion. But our opinion is that every season is more enjoyable while surfing. Surfing teaches us to find our center. Maintaining balance throughout our daily lives can be a task to handle, when we take our cares to the Ocean we get a brand new chance to catch the next wave. 

I'm stoked to be here in my hometown of Oceanside for the winter! I can't wait to see what next summer brings. I have seen a lot through the surf school. People come to work through their fears, to find new passion, but most of all to have fun. I have always kept a Moto in life that nothing is worth doing unless its fun! Maintain the fun factor this winter. Find some time to get creative. My favorite past times are spent painting the sky. I love the sunset as much as the sunrise no matter where I'm spending my day on this earth.

Winter season is starting up, I will be staying home from the SnowTown of Mammoth this year. It feels good to be set up in Oceanside. We're coming up with new ways of revenue to get through the winter and I'll be emailing again shortly with T-shirts and sweatshirts available through our online store that will launch soon. 

One Love,


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