Grand Re-opening

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Hey there, exciting news! Oceanside Surf School is back in action for the summer season! We battled through a wild winter of cold and rain, but we made it, and we're pumped to teach the awesome sport of surfing!

Oh, by the way, this winter was a blast for me. I actually went back to my old gig as a snowboard instructor up at Mammoth Mountain. Can you believe it? I've been part of the Mammoth crew for almost a decade now, and it felt great to share the love for snowboarding with everyone hitting the slopes. Now, I'm bringing that same passion and expertise to the world of surfing here at Oceanside Surf School. Let's ride the waves together!

This summer, we're stoked to welcome surfers from all over the world, whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned wave rider. We've got awesome classes lined up for everyone. If you're new, no worries—we'll start with the basics, from choosing the right board to riding those epic waves like a champ!

And if you're already a seasoned surfer, we've got you covered too. Our advanced classes will take your skills to the next level. Picture yourself nailing the perfect position on the wave or riding the tube like a boss. We'll help you master those moves, my friend!

Above all, we want you to have an unforgettable time at our surf school. Good vibes, laughter, and a love for surfing are what we're all about. You'll leave the beach with a huge smile and a newfound passion for catching waves.

Oh, and safety is our top priority, no doubt about it. We'll make sure you have a blast while keeping things safe and sound. Your experience with us will be epic and worry-free, leaving you with incredible memories.

So get ready to ride the waves with Oceanside Surf School this summer. It's gonna be an awesome adventure, my friend. Can't wait to see you out there, carving it up like a true surfer! Let's make this summer the best one yet! Hang loose! 🤙

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