Family matters!

Being back home I'm getting to connect with my roots that were established in Oceanside at a young age. Often my friends have been bringing their own children by the surf school to see whats going on these days. I've also have had the privilege of teaching some families this past week. With safety being our number one concern I've been spending time training instructors who will join me throughout the summer teaching along side our family style lessons. From the In-Laws to the twin 10 year olds along side their active 60 year old grand-father, we've been seeing family's in all shapes and sizes!

The importance of family wasn't always foreseen to me. Now my dreams are to spend more time teaching my nephew how to snowboard and catching some waves with my dad in the morning. I call my mom, and I really want to know how she's doing. The ocean has showed me how to humbly face challenges and I feel it has helped me to approach my life back on land calmly and with poise. I see this same beautiful change take place as families enter the water. They can now let go of some of those light stresses from traveling and truly enjoy their time together connecting with the ocean. Surfing is a total trip, I'm watching people get better at it, and in turn, I'm getting better at teaching it as well!

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