Ready to take your next wave!

The next wave in life!

It can be challenging to overcome some waves. The come out of nowhere and sometimes we aren't prepared to understand how to create the intended outcome. This relates to life in and out of the Ocean. But we truly find ourselves when we overcome the struggles that prevent us from riding smoothly down the path life has provided. 

I hope each one of my students leaves the lesson feeling a little bit more enabled to follow there path fluidly and are excited for the moments that lay ahead. Surfing requires ultimate presence and we can carry that lesson back to land as we develop consciousness to relate with every person we come in contact with.

I am blessed to do something I love and to make an impact of the community of Oceanside. I have taken the next step in developing myself as a professional instructor to ensure each of our lessons at Oceanside Surf School are of great value to the student receiving our knowledge.

Thank you to all who have been apart of Oceanside Surf School. You are the reason we keep coming back day after day to navigate the waves! 

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